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Check it out!

2008-10-07 06:42:50 by JayMan121

Here i made this Ninja called Shadow i just made it :D Hope you like it! (its a madness charecter)

Check it out!

Its not going to be anything anyway...

2008-10-04 02:33:06 by JayMan121

Aww its NEVER going to be anything anyway.. I really wanted it to. Reason to its not gonna be anything is:
My camera broke, my mobile broke.. So thats why. D:
EDIT: Im getting a new mobile this friday! YAY! I can tell you, its a Sony Ericsson. I had a Sony Ericsson
before. Yay!

An Idea...

2008-09-30 14:03:37 by JayMan121

Hey i got a great idea for a flash animation ( I havent got it my self so i wanted to give a good idea)
Its about some people whos living in a city like South Park (or whatever). I'll upload a pic soon(Tomorrow i think). If you wanna make stuff like the thing im gonna upload put me in credits :D

EDIT: No pic ( I dont know when i upload one, Im a lazy ass) And well i got a name for the city: Diablo City.
Tell me if your going to make some :D


2008-09-23 06:58:42 by JayMan121

I have been waiting for this a LONG time seriously a REALLY LONG time.
Hey i want you to watch Dawn of Madness Made by LittleLuckyLink Its REALLY AWSOME!! Its on my fav list so just go watch it :D :D :D I hope Krinkels soon submit the MC 9 i really hope so..

Hey if you like Madness Interactive and MC 6 then this is the game!

2008-09-19 06:31:30 by JayMan121

When its done loading page, hit play...

Hope you like it oh, by the way here is some cheats:
gethanksreactontime: Infinite Bulletime
trikkeh: Dont know what it does :P

Hello Newgrounds, some of you might think i'm being silly, just exploring stuff around. but the world is near a war, who can change that fact? you.

Iran almost achieved nuclear weapon, the oil's prices are getting higher, there are allot of children that are starving. so what are we going to do? go donate some food to those children? it is not such a bad idea but it will be temporary solution that will last less than a day.
Russia went to war, USA is going to end the war on Iraq. it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the world is on crisis.

as you may know there are two great countries that are dominating our little world, Russia and the USA. both of them want to be stronger some may think the cold war ended but they are keeping to compete each other. the USA is afraid of Russia USA wants to be the greatest/strongest/wealthiest country in the world. to achieve that goal they must get rid of Russia. the US is not stupid enough to go to war, so how do they do? they use us. people like you and me, like your family and friends. they need people to be against Russia, every single time that they have an opportunity they show Russia as the biggest threat to the world, as dictators that want to rule the world. i'm not saying that Russia is pure and the USA is the bad guy, Russia has an obvious intentions to rule all the oil supplies and to rule the economics.

Iran took advantage on this situation, they want to be the third greatest country in the world. they pretty getting good at achieving this goal. i mean look! if you say something bad about them the oil prices are getting higher! so every one is afraid of them. what is the solution? oil replacement. i live on Israel and the situation is tough here. the world blames us whenever the oil prices are getting higher to 'please' Iran, Iran wants you to hate us.

so what is expected so far? a great WW3 that will kill 80% of the population. it will not be like WW2, mess killing is much easier now. allot of new bombs were invented, new jets, new guns and more...

I came here and gave my point as a human, a small 13 years-old that lives the hard life here on Israel.
constantly getting bombed is really annoying, believe me. I came here hoping that some of will understand my point and join my struggle, help us, help the world. how can you help? simply tell everyone you know. friends, family, even the dog! ask them to tell that to their friends!
me and my friend can't make a change but all together we can!
i mean what if one day you wake up and an atom bomb is on its way to your country, what will you do? you would have wished that you would go back in time to change the situation. but then again you won't have a time machine, now is the time to change the situation, now is the time that WE simple humans that live our life talk! not some shitty politician that make money from talking B-S.
we need to change everything! MCcain will lead to ww3! so don't let that happen!

it is really easy to be an asshole so don't be one. this is real life not some gay internet joke.


Sorry for freaking out but it is true...
Well im never going to make any flash so dont expect anything from me...

Where can i get it?

2008-07-26 07:05:39 by JayMan121

Isnt there a demo for Adobe Flash? So i just can try it? If there is any site i can download a demo for Adobe Flash then please tell me. And look at this picture of Jebus. :P

Where can i get it?

Bad luck for me...

2008-07-16 10:05:02 by JayMan121

I dont think im ever going to make any flash. Its not good NOT GOOD!! =(
If i am going to i will tell you...

Hi People!

2008-07-05 14:38:12 by JayMan121

Hi People! I enjoy Newgrounds alot i hope you do too. I hope that i soon can start make flash. I dont know where to get the program and i dont know how to get the program. So if you wanna help me ill make some good flash :D (I think). Bye..................

Cya later...