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Sleepwalking fail

2009-04-03 15:22:09 by JayMan121

The sleepwalking fail:

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For more visit Failblog

Funny stuff...

2009-02-23 12:28:25 by JayMan121

Watch this! Its godamn awsome!
Einstein the talking parrot Edited version
Einstein the talking parrot Original version
Sneezing PandaTalking cats and dogs

Yay i have been a NG member for over a year, and still no flash. Lol.
My NG account can have this cake yum...

I have been NG member for over a year...

Come on...!!!

2009-02-02 09:30:56 by JayMan121

Krinkels we have waited too long... When do you submit MC9, i mean submit it already!?


2009-01-17 07:04:02 by JayMan121

He is half way finished with the madness flash...
Thats good it look awsome already by the pictures!

Madness Vengeance i think...

2008-12-13 11:48:07 by JayMan121

Im helpin a friend out, Kaza125 with a madness movie. I think its goin to be called Madness Vengeance. Well go to his page and you will see one of the main charecters. Its just one of them. The charecter is called Kenneth. Or you can see him here :P..

Madness Vengeance i think...


2008-11-10 14:50:40 by JayMan121

Im not so active on NG anymore so you wont see me review anymore (for a while i think) But maybe i will respond to those who leave comments on my news and still make news.. Cya for next time..


2008-10-27 14:57:18 by JayMan121

I got my pc and its working all right but, it needs a new graph card (did i spell that right?) But overall its good.. i got a 19'' widescreen too and thats pretty nice... :)

Oh yeah...

2008-10-23 06:12:26 by JayMan121

Im getting alot of stuff, i got Spore (as said in the last post) Im getting a new PC, I got HL2, My bro gave me back NFS MW (need for speed most wanted) and i got NFS Carbon. And my mom gave me my money back (she owed me alot)... See ya next time.

Also, watch this Half-Life in 60 seconds! Its god damn hilarious!!!!

I got Spore!!

2008-10-13 12:27:10 by JayMan121

Its FUCKING AWSOME!!!!!!!!! Well if you wanna check some of my creations out then here Its danish so just tell me what to translate and say what you thing of my stuff.. :)